An Early Autumn Fantasy

Capturing the beauty of autumn, we are taking you to a taste journey through chef’s imagination, celebrating an array of wonderful autumnal produce across Asia including wild mushroom from Yunan, jade eggplant from Ibaraki, kinmedai from Chiba, kegani from Hokkaido, lotus seed and jasmine from China. You are invited to explore how Chef Hideaki Sato orchestrates all these exquisite flavours, letting the ingredients shine and speak for themselves.

Kegani crab and avocado cocktail with black vinegar sauce

covered with chrysanthemum jelly


Gobou “Japanese burdock” soup

with cheese foam, onsen egg, white truffle


House made pasta with “Aonori” seaweed sauce topped with “Bafun” uni


“Jade” eggplant marinated with ginger dressing 

horse mackerel tartar with smoked caviar


Pan seared “Kinme-dai” with crispy scales “Acqua Pazza” sauce


“Civet” braised abalone covered with “abalone shell”


“Charcoal roasted” Wagyu beef smoked with “Hoba” leaf

glazed with Arima pepper sauce


Lotus seed / Jasmine / Banana


“Baba au Rhum” Goji berry / kaki / salted egg yolk

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