Food & Beverage

Tasting Menu featuring Asian Products


Kegani crab and avocado cocktail
with black vinegar sauce
covered with chrysanthemum jelly

Japanese burdock infused duck consommé soup
with wild mushrooms, duck wonton

Poached oyster in fresh green juice gel
“wasabi, sudachi, green mango, shiso, green apple”

Charcoal grilled Ise-lobster
eggplant purée flavored with galangal, almond oil

“Civet” braised abalone covered with “abalone shell”

Charcoal grilled Wagyu ribeye (medium rare)
smoked with mix herbs
served with smoked garlic mustard

“Mille-Fleurs” aux framboises
rose ~ raspberry ~ red dragon

“Les Feuilles Mortes”
fresh chestnuts Mont-Blanc
with Pu’er tea ice cream

HK$1,880 / person & 10% service charge


Short Tasting Menu (For Lunch Only)

short tasting menu 02

Kegani crab and avocado cocktail
with black vinegar sauce
covered with chrysanthemum jelly

House made pasta
with “Aonori” fresh seaweed sauce
topped with premium uni

“Civet” braised abalone covered with “abalone shell”

Wagyu “minute” steak
with burnt onion and onsen egg
Japanese whisky sauce

“Mille-Fleurs” aux framboises
rose ~ raspberry ~ red dragon

Black coffee (Indonesia) or Golden Oolong tea (Taiwan)
& Petit Four

HK$790 / person & 10% service charge


Lunch Set Menu

lunch set menu

Hokkaido mussels with parsley-garlic butter
tomato, green olive, salad
Terrine de foie gras
layers of carrot and dry apricot with mint salad

Pumpkin potage
with black truffle cream shaved macadamia nuts
Gobou “Japanese burdock” soup
with cheese foam, onsen egg

Main Course
Braised beef cheek with red wine
carrot, beetroot and rigatoni
Pan seared Hokkaido scallop
with brussels sprout, cauliflower, anchovy brown butter sauce

HK$450 / person & 10% service charge
* Set drinks: Black coffee (Indonesia) or Golden Oolong tea (Taiwan) and Petit Four (+ HK$50)
* Dessert: “Mille-Fleurs” aux framboises and drinks (Coffee or Tea) (+ HK$200)



At Ta Vie we offer a selection of beverages highlighting Asian heritage.


We aim to offer a new experience of wines from Asia, our selections originate from the finest of Asian vineyards, each representing their respective terroirs in Asia. There is also a fine collection of French wines, particularly ones made by small, artisan Champagne houses.


Our Sake selection is not only based on variety. We select sakes made by passionate sake makers from small artisan breweries. In addition to that, each sake on our list goes well with our unique tasting menu.


We make our cocktails in-house with seasonal fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables from all over Asia. Highlighting pure tastes and natural flavours of in-season ingredients, we stay away from flavored-liqueurs and syrups.


One of the highlights in our beverage menu is Ta Vie 旅’s original bottled tea, brewed and bottled in house using only selected tea leaves and water from Asian origins. Through this in-house original process we promise the same care and dedication to this tea as the food we serve.


Serving only specialty coffees, our current selection includes Alisan High Mountain coffee beans from Taiwan and Sumatra Tiger Coffee beans from Aceh, Indonesia.


As the perfect after-meal beverage, our Matcha powder is of the highest quality and originates from Yame (八女) from Fukuoka prefecture in Japan.

Herb Tea (tisanes)

Ta Vie旅 features a selection of unique-flavoured herb teas, made with market-fresh herbs, infused with care and served with a selection of three raw honeys, all harvested from local organic farms.


Continuing on Asian theme, we offer a fine selection of Umeshu (Japanese plum wines) and Japanese whiskies. There are also a list of Asian sweet wines on offer.